Recovery Straps

Spurtar Polyethylene Towing Straps, 6.8 Ton (14928lbs), 30’x3’’ Heavy Duty Tow Rope with up to 30000lb Break Strength Towing Recovery


  • Strong Material- Two layers strong polyethylene material. Load capacity reaches 6.8 tons and break capacity up to 13.6 tons (30000lbs)
  • Long Strap Solves Most Matters- The strap is 9 meters. It’s long enough to solve most conditions such muds, desert, swamp and snow
  • Comes with a suitable size velcro package. When it is not in use, store it the bag and place it in your car, saving your place
  • Striking colour- The strap is in orange, with the conspicuous orange strap to improve safety for all drivers
  • Use in many conditions: Whether your car has fallen on a ditch, stuck in desert sand, deep hole, snowy areas or even swampy mud, this tow rope will fit the bill, towing rope for recovery. Rescue your car in a heartbeat, will never let you down!

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