Welcome to Van Williams website. Van Williams writes about the actual conversion of a Ford Transit cargo van into a comfortable RV. Most subjects apply to MB Sprinter and ProMaster owners as well. He also posts videos of his current work every Friday on his YouTube channel.
He researches each individual project and sometimes manages to find new solutions for common problems that are part of van life.

When you appreciate his efforts, like his writings or love to view his videos, you can contribute in a meaningful way.


Subscribe to Van Williams YouTube channel for videos and updates. Liking and commenting on his YouTube videos also supports his channel and efforts.


Support Van Williams through his Amazon affiliate links. Buying your RV supplies or ANY other goods through one of my Amazon links will earn me a small referral fee. You do NOT pay anything extra for this.


Much work goes into producing and posting videos on my vlog and many frequent viewers are willing to support that effort. Patreon has become a convenient way to increase a YouTuber’s income, yet it comes with some side-effects. A significant portion of the contribution goes towards fees and some of the most “innovative” or personal videos never reaches the audience, who can’t afford such recurring donations.

While I would appreciate a higher compensation for the cost and work of making these videos, I am fortunate to be able to do without. And that made me think about this vibrant and growing RV community, that we all belong to.

What if you could donate to your favorite channel, where your full donation could be reinvested back into its community. Some ideas are, helping local parks to add or replace picnic tables or add trail signs. Funding clean-up efforts in areas that are heavily used by RVers. Incentivize small towns to add free short-term camping (in exchange for supporting the local economy). I am sure, y’all can come up with more and better ideas.

While I expect only few and mostly modest contributions, my viewers would be able to periodically vote for their choice of project, that should receive the funding. With so many of us on the road, many could extend the contribution, by personally visiting the project and help in the cleaning or maintenance of that site.

tit for tat

Make your TFT-Contribution!

Note: TFT stands for “Tit For Tat”. If a local park would add a picnic table or improve trail signage with our donations, any of us could visit and help in the maintenance of it. If a small town can be convinced and funded to add free short-term camping, all of us could help by staying there and in return, spend some money on lunch, groceries or fuel at a local establishment, thus helping the towns economy.


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